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 This is my second attempt at a decent website.
My first site went up in 1997 and was a gaudy dedication to Fantasy art and artists. 
 Since then, I lost interest in the topic and my new site will be more generic with a few pointers on HTML and JavaScripts and some general information about me .
 I haven't hidden any of the scripts used to create this page, so help yourself to any code you want.

Navigation: Use the Tabs on top to select a general topic and then use the links that appear in the line just below the Tabs to select a specific page.
  You can access the Yellow House website and leave a message from here.
  Use the 'Home' button at the top of the screen to get back to this page at any time.

My Book: There's a link to the book I'm writing under the "Personal" Tab.
 I've set up a password to access what I've written so far, but I'll make it public once I'm done.

Contact Me:
 The best way to contact me would be through email. My address is
Photographs:I'm putting up a bunch that I have with me, but I'd really appreciate more.. so send them in!
UPDATE: Arati's Wedding Pics!


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