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Aditya Kaura (Ditu)
Current location: Bangalore
Birthday: Sept 3rd
Management material all the way... the young globetrotting Puppy (Punjabi Upwardly Mobile) executive personified.

Akshay Kaura(Johnny, Akes)
Current Location: Michigan
Birthday: April 29th
Bangla basher turned lover. Akes and wife have made Cargill a family business.

Anand Sasnoor (Tada)
Current Location: Seattle
Birthday: August 5th
'Big Man' of yellowhouse. Tada is happily married and working for the evil empire in Seattle.

Anoop Gopinath (Model boy)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: March 1st
Retired model and hardworking techie. Women love that soft smooth feeling!

Arjun Unnikrishnan (Charlie, Net)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: Sept 8th
What's a bigger chick magnet? The shiny red VW convertible or the shinier scalp of this blossoming architect?

Balaji Krishnaswamy (Bala)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: July 8th
Our walking encyclopaedia. Financier and builder at large.

Chandresh Kedhambadi (Soapy)
Current Location: Houston
Birthday: July 31st
Soaperman! Yellow House's baby boy who grew up too soon is now a happily married chemical engineer in Texas.

Dev Roy (Kundi, Dude)
Current Location: London
Birthday: May 13th
The Dude has left the building! Dev is a job hopping derivatives trader.

Dominic (Dom the Bomb)
Current Location: Bangalore Bangalore
Birthday: Feb 10th
The Bomb is on the move! Coke addicts are his best friends.

Gautam Unnikrishnan (Gowli, Kanji):
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: August 29th
Show me a building in Bangalore that Gowli doesn't already own and I'll show you a building he has his eye on.

Hemanth (He Man)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: August 4th
Heavy metal forever! Our man in the Bangalore airport.

Jayanth Chander (Gooch)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: Sept 16th
Man about town and organizing guru. Who knows Bangalore better?

Jayanth Gopal (Murari)
Current Location: California
Birthday: Feb 14th
This architect left the beaches of Goa for those of California.

Joshua Gojer (Josh)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: August 31st
Wise old man of Yellow House. Our long legged digital artist is now the proud CEO of his own multimedia startup.

Mohammed Suhail (Mamu)
Current Location: Texas
Birthday: August 11th
What does this relatively quiet software engineer have up his sleeve?

Muthukrishnan Narayan (Muthu)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: November 1st
Poison Panther! Muthu is our Debo-Nair young Malayalee battery manufacturer.

Pradhan Achaiah (Spreads)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: May 10th
Pradhan is ever the polite Coorg gentleman. Medical Engineering is his speciality.

Current Location: London
Birthday: Sept 20th
Prassanna completed his MBA in England and runs an export firm in Bangalore now.

Prashanth PS (Piss)
Current Location: Detroit
Birthday: Sept 20th
Everyone's favourite quack! Piss is done with Med school and is looking to start on his Medical internship.

Rahul Bhattacharya (Bhattass)
Current Location: Massachusetts
Birthday: Jan 2nd
Your's truly. Software engineer in Marlborough, MA.

Rahul Dravid (Gul)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: Jan 11th
Cricket God! Vice Captain of the Indian team. Rahul broke a lot of hearts with his marriage.

Sameer Hiremath (Sam)
Current Location: Boston
Birthday: Feb 13th
Job hopping software guru! Sam's the hacker your mother warned you about.

Sudhir Krishnaswamy (Bedroom Eyes)
Current Location: England/Bangalore
Birthday: June 3rd
Lawyer from hell! Sudhir is our very own Rhodes Scholar.

Syed Ali (Imam, Bulli)
Current Location: Mangalore
Birthday: Jan 18th
Sunny Deol look alike! Ali is a smooth operating dentist.

Vashisth Das (VD)
Current Location: Bangalore
Birthday: Sept 8th
Dr. Das has no equal... especially at turning the women on in his ultra-tight gym shorts.

Vijay Dravid (Vij)
Current Location: Lucknow
Birthday: Sept 20th
Nonchalance personified, Vij completed his MBA from IIM and is now a part of Bangalore's booming economy.