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"...So raise your glasses, here's a toast to wasted life,
May all it's ghosts come back to haunt you, and tell you how they died.
How do you sleep? How do you pass the nights and keep the dogs at bay?
How does it feel when you close your eyes and try and drift away?
Does it feel any better now, does it feel any more?
When the angel of death comes knock knocking,
Banging at your door..."
The Stone Roses.

I was born in the city of Bangalore,India in 1974. I did my schooling in St. Columba's Delhi and St. Joseph's Bangalore. I then did my engineering in SJCE Mysore.
I worked in Bangalore for a while and am now doing my MS in Computer Science in Worcester, Massachusets.
Throughout my childhood, I was fascinated by the works of artists like Boris Vallejo and Luis Royo, writers like Tolkein, author of Lord of the Rings, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, creators of Dungeons and Dragons and Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks and C.S.Lewis, author of the Narnia stories. These were people whose imaginations helped them create whole worlds of fantasy, full of Dragons, Monsters and Evil Warlocks; Beautiful Maidens and Fearless Warriors; Knights, Trolls and Giants.
Fantasy Art, and Fantasy Books now have a cult following around the world and the internet too is slowly picking up the threads.
Through this site I will try, over the next few months, to select some of the best fantasy art and animation currently availiable on the net and also reccommend interesting literature for the avid Fantasy fan.
If you liked this site or can think of something I should add, please contact me by clicking on one of the icons below.

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