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I've worked on a number of interesting web related projects and I'll give you the details of some them here.

In WPI, I worked on a Web based automobile spare part retailer. I lost most of the front end when I left school, but some of the details of the back end database connectivity are still here. The project was for a website that answered customers' questions regarding autmobile problems and sold them the spare parts they would require. It connects to multiple retailer databases to do a cost comparision for the user.
The perl and C++ code in the appendix is my own and you can help yourself to it (if you want).
Web Garage

Next I worked on a project called the Digital Symposium Collection (or DiSC) for the ACM SIGMOD (Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on Management of Data). I received a certificate of commendation for this from the ACM.

Collaborative Filtering: Collaborative filtering is a technology that harnesses the opinions of users to provide information about the relevance of unvisited information for another user. I worked on an independent study on an existing project in this area that included tuning current collaborative filtering algorithms, combining content-based filtering with collaborative filtering, experimentally evaluating implicit ratings, and deriving measures of confidence in collaborative filtering predictions. It was meant for use in an online newspaper, 'The Telegram and Gazette', to dynamically alter news displayed to a user depending on his known preferences.
Collaborative Filtering

When I started work in Granitar, my first main project was for the 'Star News' an online publication of the Arizona Star. I used Content Management software to create a dynamic online version of the existing paper. Articles were automatically pulled from the newspaper's database and made ready for publication in pre-created templates.
Star News