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 I was born in Bangalore, India on the second of January, 1974.
 In 1984 I moved to New Delhi, and stayed there until 1989 when I returned to Bangalore.

 Most of my childhood was spent studying in Jesuit schools.
  St.Anthony's in Bangalore, St.Columba's in Delhi and St.Joseph's in Bangalore still conjure up fond memories.

   Mysore will always mean a lot to me. I grew up there, studying Mechanical Engineering from '92 to '96 in SJCE.
  Some of my closest friends today are the people I met there.


 I worked for a couple of years in Bangalore before leaving for the US.
  First in Kirloskar Multimedia in '97 and then in the STPI in '98.

 Yellow House was an empty plot near my house in Bangalore. A group of us met there every day to play cricket and hang out together. We're still a very close knit group.

 Someone once said that the secret to immortality was the ability to capture your soul in one great deed or work of art that the world would remember forever.

 I tried my hand at painting, but people found my subjects morbid, so now I'm trying to write a book instead.

 I spent a year and a half at the WPI doing my Master's in Computer Science, from '99 to 2000.
 When I was half way through my degree I started working again. I joined Granitar Systems, an Internet Consultancy.
 After graduating I joined Fidelity Investments and am working here as a Software Engineer. In 2002 I started a part time MBA program at Babson College.