Yellow House was an abandoned old house on 12th A Main, Indiranagar in Bangalore, India. A group of us started playing cricket there in '85 and over the years the group grew (I joined in '88) to it's present strength of about 25. In '98 the plot was bought and torn down to build a house.
 Every day during those 13 years, except for a few brief patches, at 5 PM sharp most of the boys who were still in Bangalore would convene at YH and start to play. Everything else took a second priority.
 YellowHouse is still a close knit brotherhood of sorts. It's members are scattered across the world today, in India, the US and Europe. But when we get together it's like nothing has changed.
 So this page is dedicated to a great group of friends... the Yellow House boys!
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Pictures from Gooch's memorial service here

Aditya Kaura (Ditu)
Akshay Kaura(Johnny, Akes)
Anand Sasnoor (Tada)
Anoop Gopinath (Model boy)
Arjun Unnikrishnan (Charlie, Net)
Balaji Krishnaswamy (Bala)
Chandresh Kedhambadi (Soapy)
Dev Roy (Kundi, Dude)
Dominic (Dom the Bomb)
Gautam Unnikrishnan (Gowli, Kanji)
Hemanth (He Man)
Jayanth Chander (Gooch)
Jayanth Gopal (Murari)
Joshua Gojer (Josh)
Mohammed Suhail (Mamu)
Muthukrishnan Narayan (Muthu)
Pradhan Achaiah (Spreads)
Prashanth PS (Piss)
Rahul Bhattacharya (Bhattas)
Rahul Dravid (Gul)
Sameer Hiremath (Sam)
Sudhir Krishnaswamy (Bedroom Eyes)
Syed Ali (Imam, Bulli)
Vashisth Das (VD)
Vijay Dravid (Vij)

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